The Image Settings Panel of video studio

The Image settings panel is a cleverly designed control panel that allow you to control many aspects of your image including the duration of your image, addition of transitions, voice, text and more.

To learn how to access the image settings panel for your imported image, please read our Understanding the Basics section.

Setting the Image Effect

The Image Effect drop-down menu allows you to select from a wide range of image transitions such as Cross-fade, Wipe, Zoom and more. This transition is enable at the beginning of when the image is shown.

Setting the Image Duration

This input box sets the duration for the length of time the image will the shown on screen before moving onto the next image or video clip. The timing is in seconds and the default setting is 4 seconds.

Setting the TTS Voice Function

The Motionshows Voice settings allow you to select from hundreds of different voices from a wide range of languages. Simply select your language of choice from the language drop-down menu, then automatically you will see the available voices for that language in the right voice drop-down menu.

Once selected, then start typing in the words you would like the system to say during when the particular image is showing.

When done, simply press the ‘Preview’ icon to play your words. The preview box will indicate the voice time as well.

Note: The maximum character length in the voice text box is 150 per image.

Please make sure your voice time doesn’t exceed your actual image duration in this video studio. If it does then you’ll need to increase your image duration and you will be alerted.

NOTE: In the screenshot above the voice time is 11 secs so it exceeds the set image duration of 4 secs. Here you would need to increase the image duration from 4 to about 11 or 12 secs.

Setting the Text

This text control box allows you to add text to your image in various fonts, sizes and colours. To add text to your image simply type in your required text, highlight and select the font, size and color if you require. While highlighted you can also bold, underline or italicize your text.

In order to add text effects in video studio, you simply click on the text effect drop-down menu and select from the range of effects such as Fade In / Out, Rotate and Zoom In / Out.

Note: The effect is visible at the beginning of the present image as continues for the duration of that particular image.

Once you have decided on your text effect, you’ll need to select the position of where the text will be shown on the image during playback. Do this via the text position drop-down menu.

Video studio offers various positions such as Top Left, Top Right, Top Center, Middle Left, Middle Right, Middle Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Right and Bottom Center.

Additional Image Settings

Voice Tag Menu

To further enhance your digital voice reproduction Motionshows features a Voice Tag drop-down menu that features a few popular commands that can further control the voice output.

These include:

  • \pau=duration\ – Adjusts the Pause Duration
  • \vol=value\ – Adjusts the Voice Volume
  • \spd=value\ – Adjusts the Voice Speed
  • \vct=value\ – Adjusts the Voice Tone

To understand how you use these commands simply hover over each command for a brief description on its usage.

Note: You can also access the Advanced Voice Tag Window via the settings-advanced-tagsicon. In this window there are even more advanced voice commands such as speaker switching (Allows you to have multiple voices in the one sentence or paragraph.

Language Voice Translator

When you require a Motionshow to be produced in a non-English speaking language, we have implemented a handy language translator that is powered by Google and allows you to translate English into 100’s of languages around the world.

Access the Language Voice Translator using the settings-lsnguage-converticon.

Once your text is translated, simply copy and paste the text into the Motionshows voice box, set the appropriate voice language and press preview to hear your translated words as they will sound in your produced video.

Confirming your Settings

As soon as you have configured all the required settings for your image, simply press the Save Settings button to lock in your settings. Repeat this process with each and every image that requires configuring.

Note: Should you not add any settings st all, Motionshows will apply the default settings of 4 second duration with a crossfade transition.

Note: With any changes made to an image, you will notice a green tick now showing on your image thumbnail. This indicates that editing on that particular image has been made.