Getting started with Motionshows – video slideshow maker is extremely simple and before you know it, you’ll be creating amazing multimedia videos within minutes. Here is a quick start guide of this free online video editor that neatly summarizes the Motionshows process.


Before we can begin you will need to sign up for a free basic subscription via the ‘Sign Up’ button on the Motionshows website. The button is located at the top right hand corner.
Once you press the Sign up button to create video slideshow,  you will be asked to simply input your name, email address and enter a password. Alternatively you can also sign up to Motionshows using a Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account.
Once registered, you will see an alert that asks you to verify your account using the activation link you will receive.
The email you receive will look like the above screenshot and contains your activation link. Please click this link in order to register your online video editor account.
successful-activation Once your Motionshows account is activated, you should receive your official welcome email in a matter of minutes.


 Your welcome email contains a brief rundown of the features you will find in this video slideshow maker and how you can locate help should you need it. You are now ready to log into your account to create video slideshow  🙂
 You can now log into your new account via the ‘Log in’ link in the top right hand side of the online video editor. Simply enter in the email address and password you inputted when registering.
If you prefer, you can also log into Motionshows using your facebook, twitter or Linkedin account if you had initially signed up using such accounts.
After you log into Motionshows, you will immediately be taken to your personalised user dashboard area of this video slideshow maker.
From here you can start creating your very first video slideshow, upgrade your subscription and / or update and edit your user details. Your current plan will be shown as well eventually should you upgrade, your plan expiry date will be shown.
When you decide to ‘Create a Video’ via your dashboard you will be transferred to the Motionshows Video editing interface where you can begin to master your skills and create fantastic presentations.Its all quite simple.
The first step would be to import your media from the top right hand icons whether they be Images, Videos or Audio. Motionshows video slideshow maker has many options and even built-in galleries of pre-installed images, music tracks and video clips to get you started.
Once all your desired media has been imported into your ‘Media Library’, you can then begin to Drag and Drop your content into the ‘Timeline’ Below.
Remember to drag Images and Video clips into the top area of the timeline and Audio / Music tracks into the bottom area of the timeline.Then this online video editor sets you free to adjust the settings for your images and video clips. Remember we go through these settings in details in other support topics however this is a quick-start guide to get you acquainted with the system itself.
video-generation Once you are satisfied with how you have arranged your media, click on the ‘Preview’ Button in the top left hand corner and wait for Motionshows to generate your video slideshow presentation 🙂
The video progress bar will intelligently show you what Motionshows is doing in the background while your video is being prepared for a preview.So sit back and relax until the process is complete it only takes a few seconds or minutes (Depending on the length of your video).
Once your preview is ready, you will then be able to play your newly created video slideshow.If you are satisfied with the results, you can continue and let Motionshows produce the video for sharing via the ‘Produce Video’ button.
If however you still need to make changes to the video, simply click on the ‘Continue Editing’ button.
NOTE: Once a video is produced it is final and cannot be re-edited so make sure your video is to your liking prior to production.
When you are satisfied with your video and you continue to ‘Produce’ it, your completed video will then be hosted in your very own ‘My Videos’ area which displays all your previously produced and still to be produced videos.
From this area you can share, download and delete produced Motionshow videos or edit and delete videos that haven’t been produced as yet.
You can share produced videos to Facebook, Pininterest, Google+ and Twitter, export your created video slideshow directly to YouTube, download your video in Mp4 format to your computer, or obtain your Motionshows embed code that directly shares your videos right on