Creating Multilingual Videos in Windows movie maker

Should you need to create videos in languages other than English, Motionshows is capable of creating videos in over 100 different languages and voices.

Windows movie maker uses the translation technology offered by Google’s ‘Translator and is directly accessible by clicking the settings-lsnguage-convert icon in the Image and Video Setting panels.

The Google Translate Interface is very simple to use and once it is accessed, simply use it to translate your english or non-english text into an alternative language.

Once your translated text is generated, simply copy the text from the Google Translator and paste it into the Motionshows Setting panel. For Example if you converted your english text to Arabic, then paste the Arabic text into the voice or text boxes (or both).

Then change the language in the Motionshows voice dropdown menu to the matching language you translated your text into. Then simply save your settings in windows movie maker.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties let us know by contacting us.