Exporting Videos to YouTube with Video editor

Sharing your Motonshow videos to YouTube has never been easier and is all done with a single click in this video editor. By sharing to YouTube, your video will have an enormous amount of exposure almost instantly. Furthermore, you can continue editing your Motionshow video details via YouTube directly.

In order to export your video to YouTube, simply access the ‘My Videos’ area and click on the video you wish to export. Then simply click on the YouTube export icon in video editor which will pop up a window directing you to your YouTube account.

As YouTube is operated by Google, you will need to select the Google account which relates to your YouTube account or where you would like Motionshows to export the video.

Once the account is selected, please be patient while Motionshows uploads your video so it may take a few minutes depending on the video’s length. When complete, the window in Motionshows will automatically close.

Note: We recommend you open up another window, log into your YouTube account and keep an eye on your video list to determine wen your new video is uploaded.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties let us know by contacting us.