Before you import your media into Motionshows there are certain checks we prefer you to do in order to achieve the best results in this free online video editor when producing your videos.

Preparing Images

Images can be imported in either .JPG or .PNG formats and are highly recommended they do not exceed 1920 x 1080 pixels in size so if your image/s are larger than this, we recommend you use a common third party software.

Software such as Windows paint, Snagit ( or any other graphic software to resize the dimensions.

Also if your image requires other alterations such as rotation, contrast or brightness adjustments etc then we suggest this is done first prior to importing your images into Motionshows.

Preparing Video Clips

Motionshows allows you to import video files with the MP4 file extension. The MP4 format allows for powerful compression while retaining excellent video quality. Most smartphones such as Samsung and Apple devices allow users to export their videos as MP4 format or even convert videos to the format.

MP4 File Size

When importing MP4 video clips the maximum file size is 50Mb per file however while most devices are capable of outputting HD resolutions such as 1920 x 1080, we strongly recommend that the video is resized to a more workable video resolution such as 768 x 480, 1024 × 768 or 1280 × 720.

Otherwise processing times will be very lengthy and unnecessary for most video projects.

Rotating & Resizing your Videos

When you import your video clips especially from a mobile device such as Samsung or Apple, you may want to resize and/or rotate your clip to suit your requirements. This needs to be done prior to importing your clips.

To Resize and Rotate videos we recommend a free software called Avidemux. Please read our Avidemux Tutorial using this great software with Motionshows. You can also watch the Resizing Video Clips article and the Rotating Video Clips article.

An alternative software for rotating videos is the Windows Movie Maker which is a free software for Windows 7 by Microsoft. If you don’t have this installed as yet, download it from here:

Watch this video on how to rotate a video using the Windows Movie Maker.

Preparing Audio

Motionshows allows you to import MP3 format files which will then be dragged to the timeline and organized in the required sequence to play in the background.

However you may want to have the audio clip only play a certain segment of the audio so cropping would be required.

At this moment Motionshows doesn’t have an Audio crop feature but will do in the near future however there are many free audio editing software’s available that can edit your audio files.

In order to enhance your experience Motionshows has a huge pre-installed music library which can be used to import music into your project. Within the library there also is a ‘Sound Effect’ category which can be imported along with other audio tracks.

Audio Track Auto Repeat Feature

If you are importing only one audio file into your video, Motionshows features a unique auto repeat function that automatically enables or disables that track so it either plays once then stops OR it continuously loops once the track ends. You can enable/disable this feature via the loop icon on the track itself once you drag it into the timeline.

Note: If you import multiple audio tracks into your video, then the auto-repeat feature will immediately be disabled.