Rotating Video Clips by Video editor app

When you import videos clips from a mobile device it is a common occurrence that your video will be filmed in an incorrect orientation whether it be horizontal or vertical.

So in order to rectify this you would need to rotate the video to its original orientation.

We recommend using Avidemux which is a simple and easy to use software that can rotate your videos.

You can download the latest version of Avidemux here.

Once you have installed and run Avidemux, go to ‘File‘, then ‘Open‘ and find the video clip you wish to import into Motionshows.

Then make sure in the left command menu under ‘Video Output‘, select the Mpeg4 AVC (x264) selection.

Next, in the ‘Output Format‘ menu, select the MP4 Muxer selection.

When you have changed the Video Output and Output format, then you need to Resize the Video Via the ‘Filters‘ Command in the Video Output menu.

Once the Video Filters panel is shown, click on the ‘Rotate‘ option.

After clicking on ‘Rotate‘ Click the ‘Configure‘ button.

Then in the Rotate Configure panel, simply select the angle which you would like the video to be changed to.

NOTE: If you have taken your videos vertically yet when played on screen are horizontal (Common in mobile devices), we determined that the 270 degrees angle was the best option to rotate the video so it plays vertically.

Once you have decided on the video size, press ‘Ok’, then ‘Close’ when in the Filters panel.

*** However before you close the panel you can click the ‘Preview’ button in order to preview what your converted video will look like. This will allow you to re-configure the angle if needed.