Whether you become a free or paid subscriber on Motionshows you will have access to high quality Image, Video and Music Libraries that contain 1000’s of categorized content for use by Motionshows video slideshow maker.

The Image Library

When you access the image Library on Motionshows with importing your images, you will be shown multiple categories of arranged folders which contain the related images.

Once you are inside a folder you will then be shown a list of the available images within that particular category. From here you would simply click on an image, or hold the ‘Control’ button on your keyboard to select multiple images, then click the ‘Add Image’ button.

This will import all your chosen images into your media library of this video slideshow maker.

The Music Library

The Music Library is very similar to the Image library but you will now have access to folders sorted into categories relating to the style of music you prefer.

In addition you also have the option of uploading your own music into your media library.

When you enter into one of the audio folders, you will notice the list of available audio tracks for that particular style of music.

To preview a track, simply click the play icon to the left of the track title. When your done press on the Stop icon in the in-built audio player. You will also be shown the duration of the track it self to give you an indication of how well it will fit within your video slideshow maker project project.

Note: Motionshows doesn’t calculate the duration of audio files as a part of your maximum video time length so for instance if you only can create a video for up to 30 seconds, you may still import an audio track that is 2 mins, 5mins etc.

The Video Library

Motionshows consists of over 750 pre-installed short video clips available to instantly import via the Video Library and are arranged in various categories such as Business, Food, People, Transport etc. These video clips are commercially purchased and are free to use and implement into any Motionshows project..

With the addition of such video clips, you will be able to create even better commercial style videos. We made an example video above which includes one of the video clips.